Policy Brief 2016/3 : Make US Antitrust Great Again!

The Policy Brief is now available.

In this Policy Brief, Lionel Artige discusses the divergent value of the different types of information that Facebook and Twitter control.

In this Policy Brief, Wing Man Wynne Lam discusses whether, in the market for cloud computing or other markets for flexible resources, competition promotes efficient investment.

In this Policy Brief, Sébastien Broos and Axel Gautier analyze the implications of net neutrality with regards to the exclusion of applications that compete with internet service providers’ own products.

In this new Policy Brief, Nicolas Petit discusses whether Uber is an unfair competitor or a champion of the sharing economy (in French).

In this second Policy Brief, Professors GAUTIER and PETIT discuss the efficiency of commitments décisions Under uncertainty.

In the first LCII Policy Brief Nicolas PETIT discusses the application of the competition law rules to the Financial Fair Play Regulation (‘FFPR’) recently imposed by the UEFA on European football clubs.