The LCII welcomes private support to fund further research. Funding does not impact the result of research and a non-influence agreement is signed with every contributor.

For each LCII paper that is published full disclosure is given on the origin of the funds that financed the research.

The LCII is funded through diverse channels. So far, it has benefited from a financial grant from Qualcomm Inc. and of the University of Liege under the ARC framework.

Qualcomm grant

The Qualcomm grant primarily finances the research of PhD students and Postdoc students.

It also helps the LCII financing events and conferences.

The Qualcomm grant does not finance specific papers published by LCII members (unless disclosed otherwise).

The academic members of the LCII are not in any way financed by the Qualcomm grant. The academic members of the LCII and their research are paid by the academic payroll.