Here is the detailed program for our upcoming workshop “Industrial Organization in the Digital Economy” (click here for a pdf version)

Day 1- Friday March 10

8h45 Registration and welcome
9h Session 1: Advertising (Chair: Markus Reisinger)
  Martin Quinn : Do You See What I See? Ad Viewability and the Economics of Online Advertising (pdf)
  Leonardo Madio : Effects of Ad-Blockers Adoption on Digital Piracy: A Blessing or a Curse? (pdf)
  Philipp Dimakopoulos : User Data and Platform Competition (pdf)
10h30 Coffee break
11h Session 2: Crowdfunding and data protection (Chair: Wynne Lam)
  Ying Lei Toh: Data security in the digital age: reputation and strategic interactions in security investments
  Grazia Cecere :  Giving up your Privacy for free after Snowden’s Revelation
  Zhaoxin Pu: Taking the Crowd by the Hand – the Intermediary Role of Crowdfunding Platforms
12h30 Lunch
14h Keynote lecture: Markus Reisinger
15h15 Coffee break
15h30 Session 3: Platform competition (Chair: Paul Belleflamme)
  Frank Schlütter : Evaluation of best price clauses in hotel booking
  Georgios Petropoulos : Quality Provision in a search engine environment
  Vincent Malardé: Platform versus traditional firm: competition and entry regulation (pdf)
  Timothy Yeung : Understanding AirBnB in Fourteen European Cities (pdf)
19h Conference dinner (for speakers)


Day 2 – Saturday March 11

9h Session 4: E-commerce (Chair: Johannes Johnen)
  Anastasia Parakhonyak : Showrooming on a Market of Tangible Goods with Heterogeneous Agents
  Arhtur Cazaubiel : Strategic obfuscation or disclosure by a monopoly when today’s substitutes are tomorrow’s products (pdf)
  Slobodan Sudaric : Crowdfunding with Demand Uncertainty and Moral Hazard
10h30 Coffee break
11h Session 5: Content provision (Chair: Axel Gautier)
  Anna Kerkhof : Coverage bias on Wikipedia? Evidence from biographies of German Members of Parliament (pdf)
  Olga Slivko, Do Immigrants return Knowledge Home? The Evidence on Knowledge Dissemination via Wikipedia (pdf)
  Robert Somogyi : The Economics of Zero-rating and net neutrality (pdf)
12h30 Farewell Lunch

Conference venue

HEC Liège, rue Louvrex 14, 4000 Liège, Room 1711 (Building XVII°)

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Registration is free but compulsory.  Register here