Industrial organization in the digital economy: Programme

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March 18, 2016 - 9:00 am


March 19, 2016 - 1:00 pm


CORE, Louvain-La-Neuve   View map

The programme of the second edition of the “Industrial Organization in the Digital Economy” workshop, co-organized with CORE, is now available:

2nd WORKSHOP on 


CORE, Louvain-la-Neuve, March 18-19, 2016 

DAY 1 – Friday March 18
08:45  Registration and Welcome (CORE lounge)
09:00  Keynote lecture 1. Marc Bourreau (Chair: Paul Belleflamme)Digital Platforms, Advertising and Taxation 
10:15  Coffee break 
10:45  Session 1. Net Neutrality (Chair: Axel Gautier)

Armando J. Garcia Pires: Net Neutrality and Content Provision 

Slobodan Sudaric: Interconnection and Prioritization

11:45  Session 2. Digital Advertising (Chair: Dimitri Paolini)

Hamid Aghadadashli: Advertising and Price Competition in Online Markets

Sébastien Broos: Targeted Advertising and Consumer Information

12:45  Lunch 
14:00  Keynote lecture 2. Alain Strowel (Chair: Jorge Marcos Ramos)

Data Regulation in the Digital/Platform Economy 

15:15  Session 3. Online Privacy (Chair: Wouter Vergote)

Sebastian Dengler: Consumers’ Privacy Choice in the Big Data Era

Nessrine Omrani: Privacy Policy of Online Website

16:15  Coffee break 
16:45 (17:45) Session 4. Consumer Myopia in ICT markets (Chair: Eric Toulemonde)

Esma Koca: Managing Digital Rollovers and Product Hype with Myopic and Strategic Consumers 

Ambre Nicolle: Are Consumers Myopic? Evidence from Handset and Mobile Services Choices

19:00  Conference dinner 
DAY 2 – Saturday March 19
08:45  Session 5. Providing Content Online (Chair: Xavier Wauthy)

Elias Carroni: The Economics of Multi-Sided Content Providers

Dainis Zegners: Voluntary Disclosure of Product Information: The Case of E-book Samples

09:45  Session 6. Advanced Pricing in Online Markets (Chair: Wing Man Wynne Lam)

Andreia Amorim: Retention Strategies in a Switching Cost Model

Carlotta Mariotto: Add-on Services, Bundling and Exclusive Contracts in Platform Markets

10:45  Coffee break 
11:15  Session 7. Empirical analyses of Digital Markets (Chair: Marc Bourreau)

Yutec Sun: Market Entry and Fighting Brands: The Case of the French Mobile Telecommunications Market 

Jordana Viotto: Beyond Financing: Crowdfunding as a Marketing Device Annette Schminke: Does One Price Fit All? An Analysis of Price Divergence in Dual-Channel Markets 

12:45  Farewell lunch 


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