Patent Law


30h (+ exercises 15h)

The course on patent law gives an introduction to the topics that are essential for a patent law practitioner today. The course will be taught in 10 classes of 3 hours in the first semester.

The class topics are as follows (slight amendments are possible):

Class 1
–       Introduction
–       Patentable subject matter

Class 2
–       Patentability of biotechnological inventions
–       Validity: Novelty

Class 3
–       Validity: Inventive step, industrial application, sufficiency, added matter

Class 4
–       Direct infringement, literal and by equivalence

Class 5
–       Indirect infringement

Class 6
–       Defences to infringement

Class 7
–       Procedural aspects: application, grant, challenge and enforcement

Class 8
–       Licensing issues: Technology transfer and the FRAND saga

Class 9
–       Supplementary protection certificates and pediatric extensions

Class 10
–       The Unitary Patent
–       Review and questions

In addition to the 10 classes on patent law, there will be 15 hours of practical classes  with exercises that familiarise students with the practical application of the legal principles of patent law.

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