Intellectual Property and Competition Law



Intellectual property plays an increasingly important role in today’s economy. As it grows in importance, it poses unique and difficult challenges for the application of traditional competition law principles.

This course will explore the tension between the desire to foster vibrant competition on the market that is so central to the competition laws and the goal of rewarding innovation through the grant of IP rights. It will also focus on how both competition and IP law seek to promote innovation.

The issues that are discussed in class on the basis of selected readings include:

  • IP licensing and distribution networks;
  • standard-setting and patent pools;
  • patent settlements;
  • parallel trade; and,
  • compulsory licensing.

The course is jointly taught by an IP specialist (J. CABAY) and a competition law expert (D. HULL), who provide the students with two distinct perspectives on critical issues at the intersection of intellectual property and antitrust.

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