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This course addresses the entire range of EU competition law issues: anticompetitive agreements (Article 101 TFEU), abuse of dominance (Article 102 TFEU), merger control, exclusive/special rights and public undertakings, State aid, oligopolies, procedural and institutional issues. The issues examined in class are not only dealt with from a mere EU law standpoint, but are also analysed through the lenses of economic analysis, comparative law and practical insights. A complete slide deck is provided to the students.

At the end of this course students benefit from a complete knowledge of all aspects of modern European competition law (Article 101 TFEU, Article 102 TFEU, merger control, state aid, procedural aspects). In addition, they have acquired a practical perspective on key strategic issues arising from the enforcement of European competition law.

The course follows a two-tier approach. First, during each class, a specific area of EU competition law is examined (i.e., anticompetitive agreements, abuse of dominance, merger control, sector specific regulation in network industries). Second, the main strategic implications of the applicable rules are explored, through selected case-law illustrations and case-studies.

The course is divided in 6 modules, which are organized under the auspices of our sibbling institution, the Brussels School of Competition (BSC).

The relevant modules are the following:

1General Introduction to Competition Law and Economics

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